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Mastering Virtual Presentation Training

The Video Walk-Through

Foundational Sales Training

Connecting EQ to the IQ that drives Flow-through.

Foundational Sales Curriculum

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Onboarding to Hospitality Sales


Sales Process and the Buying Process


Prospecting #1: Why Prospecting


Prospecting #2: Prospecting as a Sales Process


Prospecting #3: Defining Prospecting Paths


Prospecting #4: Call Strategy


Prospecting #5: Call Reluctance


Prospecting #6: Free Tools to Increase Your Productivity


Sales Video: Prioritizing Sales Opportunities


Sales Strategy and the Economy


Leveraging LinkedIn in your Sales Process


Boolean Search and Sales


Question Strategy / Qualification


Value Propositions vs. Unique Selling Propositions


Seller and Customer Styles/Why they Matter


Sales and the Customer's Mind


Presenting your Offer (Features/Benefits/Insight)


How Storytelling Becomes Storyselling


How to Win with Proposals


Winning Proposals Block #1- Preparation


Winning Proposals Block #2 - Proposal Content


Winning Proposals Block #3 - Custom vs. Template


Winning Proposals Block #4 - Writing Style


Winning Proposals Block #5 - Proposal Formatting


Winning Proposals Block #6 - Proposal Submission


The Power of the Trial Close


Overcoming Customer Pushback


Negotiation Skills


Closing the Sale


Follow-up After the Sale



Maximize Online Lead Aggregator Conversions

Building Boolean Search Strings

Building SMART Plans/OKRs

Converting More Short-term Business

Developing a Key Account Plan

Cross-Cultural Communication